Coating Innovation Using Bio-Based Sourced Materials
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Coating Innovation Using Bio-Based Sourced Materials

Coating Innovation Using Bio-Based Sourced Materials
By Editorial Staff -
Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

Rapeseed is a plant with bright yellow flowers that is particularly important for its oil-rich seeds, rather like the castor oil plant, which grows abundantly in tropical areas. Euramax used these two raw materials as the basis for an innovative new bio-based polyester (PE) coating solution, called BioMax PE 2L, the first such solution in the world for coating aluminum. This is a key step on the pathway to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly process and finished product, especially bearing in mind how the
bio-based resin content only needs to be 35% to achieve this goal. The term
“bio-based” is used for materials obtained either partly or entirely from natural resources, from biomass which – unlike those from processing oil and fossil fuels – are produced by transforming widely-available organic elements, such as crop residues, wood, grasses or other types of plants. This becomes of particular importance since the key characteristics of a cladding or covering come from the type of resin or specific coating chosen.

Kop van Kessel, SeARCH Architects, Lovanio, Belgio Courtesy Euramax

These green properties of BioMax PE 2L give the product a major advantage over more traditional coating solutions, and to this one must also add its non-toxicity and the ease of replacement. The core of these coatings is that choosing to use such a green coating does not mean any changes to a product’s characteristics: it is merely the quality and origin of the raw materials that have changed.

Certifying the biomass content of this solution from Euramax was done using a radiocarbon analysis method and resulted in the product being proven to be ASTM D6866-16 conform.

Design freedom is also not compromised, with a wide range of colors available; indeed, the entire current palette in the catalogue for PE coatings can be combined with BioMax PE 2L, which also means a wide range of gloss options.

Ultimately, this new solution is best understood as a renewed expression of esthetics, quality and sustainability. This is hardly surprising since Euramax has long had European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) certification, which is awarded to pre-coated
products that guarantee precisely those characteristics – esthetics, quality and sustainability.

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