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CLOSER by Zucchetti
By Editorial Staff -
Zucchetti Rubinetteria has participated in the project
Closer distances itself from the usual formal references, instead offering a truly original, creative and functional reimagining of the shower column. It recalls the aesthetics of a lamp, and embraces all the poetics inherent to the idea of balance, capable of renewing itself and changing its appearance without warning. The cylindrical counterweight ensures that the showerhead is stable in any position and at any height, and acts as a visual counterpoint within the overall composition.
The whole structure has been designed to be adjusted and extended simply and intuitively. It has a total of three joints, each of which has wide scope for multi-directional movement. This allows many different spatial configurations to be created, which in turn translates into an equally wide range of methods for the user to control and direct the jet of water, for a personalised bathing experience free from all restrictions. “My aim”, the designer explained, “was to create an item with a broad range of uses and with almost total flexibility.
The concept is simple: the name comes both from your movement towards the water, and from the water that follows you”.
Closer has a linear, simple and evocative design, which with elegant reserve incorporates high-tech features, the result of the incessant research carried out by Zucchetti to ensure the company stays at the cutting edge in all areas. It is currently available in a black finish and in chrome, and the possibility of creating coloured variants is under consideration.

Total max length, including arms: 805 mm.
Shower head diameter: 95 mm
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