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Climò - Cooling the natural way

Climò - Cooling the  natural way
By Editorial Staff -
Caoduro has participated in the project

ClimO’ is an a-diabatic cooling system for industrial, commercial and service buildings, designed and developed by Caoduro within its broader Integrated Ventilation System. It includes devices for diffusing air (airO’), forced ventilation (tow-air, air-plate) and energy saving (air-stop). Designed to produce a natural ecological solution to the cooling of rooms where air-conditioning plants would have too high an outlay and running cost, climO’ enables a comfortable state of climatization to be reproduced and maintained throughout the day.
ClimO’ comes in two sizes, with five types of nominal air capacity (from 7,000 to 45,000 m3/h). It is entirely made of non-corrodible materials and is fully dismantlable for ease of installation where access is difficult.
The air climO’ sends into the area to be conditioned is from 5 to 8 °C lower than the outdoor temperature. A control system formed of a thermostat and humidostat tapers off cooling once the outdoor air conditions would be acceptable for people indoors.
As well as cooling, climO’ also filters via its pre-filters installed around the edge of the machine and at the next stage when the air passes across exchange panels.


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