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Citterio Collection - Order, rigour, practicality

Citterio Collection - Order, rigour, practicality
By Editorial Staff -
Pozzi-Ginori has participated in the project

The new Pozzi-Ginori collection designed by Antonio Citterio with Sergio Brioschi bears the name of the lead designer and focuses on a sleek, functional bathroom with a rational layout. The collection is quite comprehensive, including ceramic sanitary ware, basins and a sizeable selection of furniture.
The collection not only includes a 56 cm lay-on wash basin, but also 5 sinks for central tap placement and 2 asymmetrical ones. The wall-mounted and freestanding toilets and bidets have clean, natural and organic lines. The wood, tempered glass and anodised steel bathroom cabinets include 10 under-basin units with sharp, essential shapes. This allows for numerous combinations, with or without feet. In the larger models, the tops have wooden holders that make it easy to keep things in order. A tempered glass door, with a full-height handle and edging, provides access to the cabinet.
The collection also features two 160 cm vertical cabinets that either come in a closed version with tempered glass hinged doors or an open one with a full-height strip mirror. Finally, the collection includes a series of mirrors with wooden frames lit by LEDs that are slightly undercut compared to the edges of the mirror to produce diffused light.


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