Church of St Mary?and Bartholomew?
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Church of St Mary?and Bartholomew?

Church of St Mary?and Bartholomew?
By Editorial Staff -
ERCO has participated in the project

The small town of Harsefeld, in the north of Germany, is home to the 10th-century Church of St Mary and Bartholomew. The building has been altered numerous times down the centuries and, in the last few years, work was done to revamp the appearance and installations. At the heart of this project was a new lighting system, overseen by the Lucente firm. The goal was to find a balance between the sort of lighting associated with such a place of contemplation and visual comfort, while complying with the architectural restrictions placed on such historical buildings.
The solution was to create a series of custom rings that embrace the pillars running down the aisles. Erco LED energy saving lights were placed in each ring to provide down and up-lighting that was both sufficiently diffuse and precise. The Quintessence luminaires ensure visual comfort, while the Optec spotlights illuminate the groined vaults, accentuating individual elements and creating the appropriate atmosphere. A tablet can be used to manage the entire lighting system, with a DALI ensuring lighting levels can easily be dimmed or increased according to need.

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