Ceramics of Italy, not only indoors
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Ceramics of Italy, not only indoors

Ceramics of Italy

Ceramics of Italy, not only indoors
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Ceramic tiles are enormously versatile and, when they are used outdoors, they not only influence the aesthetics, but also the formal unity with the interior. Outdoor tiles are also a hygienic, durable and lasting solution. The manufacturers of such tiles now make high performing tiles that require little maintenance and offer genuine versatility. Such tiles can be laid in traditional fashion, as well as also using dry screed (for floors that need to be used immediately) or floating systems (for floors that need to be inspected or repositioned). The Indoor and Outdoor versions of Sichenia’s Pavè Quarz collection are ideal for interior/exterior continuity in both public and private areas. The porcelain tiles come in three colours and the following sizes: 60.5x60.5 cm, 60x60 cm. Sannini Impruneta’s Litos Sannini extruded cotto tiles come in 30x30 cm and 14x28 cm sizes. The physical and technical features of these tiles mean they can be used inside or outside. The material has a light hue and a streaked finished created by the effect of the salts drying.
The lively texture and imperfections of Majorca’s Pietra Di Luna glazed porcelain tiles makes them ideal for spaces needing a sense of dyanmism.
Available in four colours and two surface finishes, they can be used indoors or outdoors. Casalgrande Padana’s vitrified Mineral Chrom porcelain tiles (45x45 cm) have a 3D surface effect and come in 6 colours. They can be used as flooring or cladding, indoors or outdoors. Graniti is a 20x20 cm tile from Cipa Gres’ Hi-Tech collection. It comes in a range of surface designs, sizes and thicknesses for internal and external floors in both residential and commercial buildings. The array of solutions gives plenty of design options. Mirage’s Evo_2/e is another porcelain tile for outside. It comes in three sizes (60x60 cm, 30x120 cm, 60x120 cm) and 22 colour variants. Century’s TWO.0 is a collection of monolithic poreclain stoneware slabs that can be used inside or outside, in private or public areas. These 60x60 cm tiles come in 7 colours with a surface texture that resembles natural stone.
NovaBell’s Avant 20mm porcelain tiles are for indoors and outdoors. They come in 3 colours and 2 sizes (60x60 cm and 59,8 x59,8 cm), in the Hard (self-supporting) and Medium (rectified) versions. They go perfectly with the Avant slabs for interiors, which come in numerous sizes. Ceramiche Keope’s K2 (60x60 cm, rectified) comes in 10 colours and goes well with Keope’s indoor tiles, allowing surfaces to be extended outdoors while maintaining aesthetic continuity. Fiordo’s Liston Gres porcelain tiles are full thickness coloured and come in a 15x60.3 cm version. The Crossjet digital technology makes precision decoration possible across the entire structure of the tile, from the recesses to the edge.


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