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Ceramics for major global projects

Ceramics for major global projects
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Panaria Group has participated in the project

Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche is an Italian multinational group that specializes in producing tiles for floors, cladding and other architectural applications, such as ventilated façades and raised floors. The group boasts 1,700 employees, 6 plants (3 in Italy, 2 in Portugal and 1 in the United States) and a sales network covering 130 nations. The portfolio includes 8 brands - Cotto d’Este, Panaria Ceramica, Lea Ceramiche and Blustyle in Italy, Margres, Love tiles in Portugal, Florida Tile in the United States and Bellissimo in India - and a catalogue with everything from porcelain stoneware to thin large laminated stoneware slabs and from thick stoneware for exteriors to porous cladding tiles. The common denominator is always quality, regardless of whether the target is the residential, business or public market. The group has a Contract & Key account office that focuses on major building projects, especially those of international scope. This expert team skillfully selects the ideal solutions from its catalogue of over 1,000 products, providing ideas and bringing life to ambitious designs.

At the same time, it provides the necessary technical support throughout a project, from the conception and design phase to coordination, and from logistics to support for customized solutions. In recent years, the Panariagroup has regularly been involved in major projects and landmark buildings - a clear sign that designers realize the technical and aesthetic quality of its products in eco-sustainable solutions. A good example of this is the Protect technology, which was developed in collaboration with Microban specifically to offer a range of floors and claddings that combine anti-bacterial protection with excellent
all-round performance. Alternatively, the large thin slabs provide an option in which raw material use, water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions are cut to a minimum.

The group has also been awarded various forms of certification, providing a clear sign of the quality and the suitability of its products for high profile, sustainable developments. The Panariagroup’s ceramic solutions have been selected for numerous high profile projects, including the international airport in Doha, in Qatar, the Bosco Verticale - or vertical forest residential development - in Milan, a section of Italy’s main highway and the headquarters for many leading companies. These projects have combined excellence and prestige, and helped the group to establish a lasting global reputation.


Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche
Via Panaria Bassa, 22/a - I - 41034 Finale Emilia (MO)
Tel. +39 0535 95111
E-mail: [email protected] - www.panaria.it

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