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Cellular façades are curtain walls made up of prefabricated vision or opaque glazed panels. They can serve as infills or, if made with structural profiles, become weight-bearing elements. Factory assembly ensures high precision products that can be rigorously quality-controlled to guarantee trouble-free on-site installation. Simeon also manufactures this sort of curtain wall system, providing architects with across-the-board assistance and customized solutions for all kinds of projects. Starting from the initial architectural concept, the company develops an articulated, step-by-step process to turn an idea into reality, developing an industrialized in-house production system for the particular prefabricated elements required. Preliminary solutions are developed for each specific project. The engineering details are fine-tuned, leading to the development of designs and then prototypes that reduce construction constraints, leaving architects full creative freedom. The building of real scale prototypes allows hands-on appreciation of the extent to which the forms, materials and technical qualities demanded of the original project have been achieved. Simeon operates throughout Europe and internationally and has collaborated on some of the most ambitious building projects recently completed. Silvergreen is just one example. Part of a wider urban requalification program for the municipality of Neuilly-sur-Seine, west of Paris, the building’s double skin cellular façades have integrated sun shading. The leaf pattern on the external screen-printed glazing helps make the office block a part of its natural surrounds. In Brussels, the new Trebel office complex for the European Parliament required a broad series of custom-designed profiles to adapt to curving façades forming several different angles. The façade of Tour Paradis, the first skyscraper in the Belgian city of Liège, has incorporated photovoltaic panels, making the outer skin not just a sensitive envelope but also a power generator.


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