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CCTLed Architectural Mini by Targetti

CCTLed Architectural Mini by Targetti
By Redazione The Plan -

CCTLed Architectural Mini the new LED recessed downlight by Targetti. It gets its purpose, design philosophy and flexibility from the larger version combined with its reduced size, two different optical systems for five different light effects and a series of rings and reflectors to customise it elegantly.

CCTLed Architectural Mini is available with different power outputs, two different heights and multiple configurations, but with the same recess dimensions. Fixed or adjustable versions with mechanical aiming and locking system, fully recessed with trimless finish or custom made with rings and reflectors of various colours for the classic finish. All can be fitted with two different optical systems that produce multiple light effects: clean and precise or soft, wide beams.

CCTLed Architectural is fitted with two different optical systems. The first has aluminium micro optics for high performance (up to 90 lm/W) with soft, wide beams. The second has new PVC lenses for more defined, precise beams where precision is a fundamental design requirement.

One of the qualities of CCTLed is its ability to always “appear” differently. It knows how to be discrete and camouflage with the architecture with its trimless finish or acquire a more decisive character when accessorised with different reflectors and coordinated rings. White, black and the new “gold” reflectors for elegant solutions with a certain value.

White and black round and square rings for architectural projects and the retail sector. CCTLed Architectural Mini comes equipped with a driver. Available in an electronic or dimmable DALI version for maximum control of lighting management.

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