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Cavatorta Project Fencing assistance and support

Cavatorta Project Fencing assistance and support
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Cavatorta has participated in the project

Cavatorta Project is the division of the Cavatorta Group specializing in helping clients with metal fencing, leveraging its half-century of experience to help clients in the residential, industrial, sporting, building, farming, gardening and even DIY sectors. 

Cavatorta Project provides support in both the design and installation stages, even for complex projects were non-standard requirements or certification are required, with a request easily submitted using the form on the company’s website.  

The design phase is done using computation and 3D modelling software, while the assembly phase involves carefully selected expert workers. 

Cavatorta Project also offers a series of accessory products as it has a network of partnerships with companies in specialist sectors. For example, to avoid using a traditional concrete foundation, a screw foundation can be chosen, offering the same stability and hold strength, but greatly reduced installation times, no need to dig up the ground and the option to reuse or recycle parts if the fence is moved. The company also has a partnership with Faac to develop and provide advanced gate automation technology. The burglar and video surveillance systems developed with leading companies are ideal solutions for securing, say, photovoltaic installations, as they offer effective monitoring and control of the fenced area. 



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