Castello di Casiglio: a health spa with timeless charm
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Castello di Casiglio: a health spa with timeless charm

Ceramiche Keope supplies five porcelain stoneware collections

Gianfranco Lucchesini

Castello di Casiglio: a health spa with timeless charm
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Ceramiche Keope has participated in the project

Sheltered by ancient trees and far from the frenzy of everyday life, Castello di Casiglio is a haven of wellbeing and elegance with a centuries-old history. Its location is equally steeped in history, combined with rich heritage and natural beauty. Overlooking Lake Como, this luxury retreat is a gateway to an area that enchants visitors with its hospitality and beauty, while inviting them to immerse themselves in a relaxing, restorative atmosphere to ease the stress of everyday life. Along with its guestrooms, therefore, architect Gianfranco Lucchesini gave special attention to the design of a health spa with both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Occupying around 600 sq.m., the center has two Turkish baths, two Finnish saunas, and an experiential shower that cleanses and regenerates the body. A purifying salt room is flanked by small relaxation rooms with beds and armchairs, a herbal tea area, an aromatherapy room, and an iconic swimming pool, which extends from inside to out and offers splendid views of the castle gardens. With its different effects and unusual nuances, Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware was used throughout the center.



Castello di Casiglio Courtesy of Ceramiche Keope

The indoor section of the center, including the large swimming pool and several of the Turkish bath and massage rooms, has elegant surfaces appropriate for hospitality applications. All of them are linked by natural themes to bring the magnificence of the natural world inside the facility. The Brystone and Omnia collections, for example, create an enveloping and elegant stone effect. The first is porcelain stoneware in contemporary formats with a limestone-effect. It captures the facets of stone in its unique and uniform surface, specifically designed to create architectural spaces with a solid appearance. The Omnia collection with the Rapolano Beige finish, on the other hand, adds a touch of modernity to the classic tones of ancient and precious stones from the depths of the earth. A variety of grains, textures, and shades give it its distinctive appearance.

Inside the spa, the appeal of the stone effect is enhanced by its combination with the Evoke wood effect. These porcelain stoneware tiles achieve an aesthetic balance between the traditional and contemporary, with their elegant shades, soft textures, and varied patterns.

The Elements Lux and Onice collections then add a special elegance with their marble effect. Inspired by sumptuous marbles, Elements Lux reproduces with absolute fidelity the typical patterns of marble in multiple options, and both gloss and matt finishes. Sophisticated and hardwearing, Onyx marble gives depth to spaces through the interplay of light on its reflective surfaces.



Castello di Casiglio Courtesy of Ceramiche Keope

Set in lush greenery, the crowning glory of Castello di Casiglio’s wellness center is its outdoor space. The quartzite and porphyry stone effects of Ceramiche Keope’s Limes product were chosen for this area. The architect opted for the Multicolor variant in thicknesses of one and two centimeters, characterized by its very fine grain typical of porphyry and the crystalline appearance of quartz. Its quartzite tones, in every intensity, create gentle but vivid mineral textures. Capturing the true tones of the earth, the product integrates perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

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All images courtesy of Ceramiche Keope

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