Casa C: a farmhouse transformed into a contemporary studio
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Casa C: a farmhouse transformed into a contemporary studio

Alvisi Kirimoto

Casa C: a farmhouse transformed into a contemporary studio
By Editorial Staff -

Located near Rome, Casa C is a new project by Alvisi Kirimoto. While retaining the archetypal appearance of the original farmhouse, the designers revolutionized the interior with a decisive addition of the contemporary that lets the owners enjoy nature without sacrificing the rhythms of city life.

The owner, Antonella Gnetti from Opificio Lauchli, specializes in custom-made furnishings and interior design. Her brief was for a home that was integrated into the countryside with well-lit rooms able to accommodate her studio. In response, Alvisi Kirimoto created an open, modern, and versatile design with a good dose of contemporary style.

“We divided the space into three levels, focusing on the ‘sky’ of each to create three different experiences,” says Junko Kirimoto, studio cofounder. “At ground level, we used white and exposed concrete. On the floor above that, we opted for the brightness of yellow. Finally, on the top floor, we left the timber roof framing exposed. The thing that creates a sense of continuity within this succession of architectural ideas is the staircase. Designed as a single unit, it’s made of expanded sheet metal to let light filter through and create an interplay of light and shade. The house has an unexpected rock ’n’ roll edginess to it – a little like the owners themselves! It’s a homogeneous, dynamic space, in which materials and surfaces change, expanding the emotional journey of the visual experience to the tactile dimension.”

The ground level is designed as an informal space. It encompasses a dining area, open kitchen, and large living room with a TV area that includes a custom-made natural timber bookcase with black iron brackets. Screened off behind a glass wall, everything in the kitchen is stainless steel, with a central black island counter. In its central position, the striking staircase is the focal point. Made entirely of treated iron, the stairs have a slender supporting stringer and a single sheet of micro-perforated sheet metal that forms both the steps and balustrade. Besides a laundry and guest bathroom, the ground level includes the owner’s studio. This space has a micro-cement finish with a weathered steel effect, introducing another material to the palette on this floor, where white ceilings and walls complement exposed concrete pillars.

Upstairs are a large living room and study. A guest bathroom acts as a border with the private areas, which include a double bedroom with custom-made OSB furniture painted with a glossy green lacquer, a bathroom, and a walk-in closet. On the top level, the spaces are defined by their materials. The floor, with its gray micro-concrete finish, like elsewhere in the home, strikes a contrast with the pitched roof with its exposed timber framing and tiles.

An outdoor space, with a lounge and meals area near the kitchen, blurs the boundary between inside and out. On one side, the garden is lawn while on the other there is a vegetable garden with weathered steel planters, making a striking contrast with the urban views in the distance.

Architect: Alvisi Kirimoto
Location: Roma, Italy
Year: 2020
Photography by ©Serena Eller Vainicher
courtesy of Alvisi Kirimoto

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