Capsule: the new modular concept offering flexible and innovative design
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Capsule: the new modular concept offering flexible and innovative design

Capsule: the new modular concept offering flexible and innovative design
By Editorial Staff -
Manni Group has participated in the project

The quest for new solutions for urban environments and work spaces has resulted in creation of Capsule, a flexible and innovative modular structure. This self-reliant volume has been designed to fully integrate with existing buildings, to expand the available space while guaranteeing the comfort and security of its rooms, with zero land consumption. Capsule’s sophisticated modern and neutral design perfectly adapts to the aesthetics of the surrounding edifices. An excellent example of this is its inclusion at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, for a period of six months. Here it perfectly dialogues with Enzo Ferrari’s house of birth and the museum’s Gallery, thus enriching the visitor experience. 

Capsule, an off-site system for modern design

Thanks to its off-site system, interaction with external spaces is optimised in terms of making best use of its rooms. The 3D modules are made almost entirely at the factory and then transported to the site for installation, keeping on-site work to a minimum. This results in a flexible and versatile space based on the plug and play concept, revolutionising the idea itself of a building. In fact, the module can be constantly updated to suit the users’ changing needs, transforming the entire unit into an immersive and 'mobile' space.

Compositional freedom and modular flexibility

The module’s flexibility takes the system to be easily integrated at its location, making it more liveable and attractive. This design is made up of four prefabricated modules (baseline, welcome, social, secret room) that may be mixed and matched in different combinations, depending on needs, thus enabling the whole unit to be reused. A ‘safe’ extension of the workspace, with a welcome area for first contact with visitors, is fitted out with all the necessary devices for check-in and to access the next areas. A succession of open spaces leads to the heart of the organism: a well-lit area acting as a conference room, which combines the ‘baseline’ and ‘social’ parts in a single open space.

The structure brings various advantages:

  • the compositional freedom to detach and rearrange the various modules provides an architecture that can be fully adapted to the users' needs;
  • versatility in designated use plus a pre-assembled light steel load-bearing structure that may be completed with adjustable cladding elements and technical systems to make it an independent unit all give it the scope to accommodate a variety of activities;
  • adaptability ‒ the number of modules can be increased or decreased to meet the various functions of the spaces, and new settings can be created to suit the needs of those using the spaces, while the same unit can also be moved to different locations.

The use of a dry construction system in steel ‒ a highly recyclable material ‒ enables creation of a durable light-weight edifice without compromising on design, aesthetics and full project personalisation. Setting out from the structural core, Manni Green Tech engineering has made it possible to generate a 3D skeleton for the modules, to then use mechanical joining systems to attach the single components together with the greatest precision.

The ADDWind ventilated façade system by Isopan was adopted to clad the edifice while the roof was completed with Isodeck PVSteel sandwich panels, and these guarantee great energy performances for the entire unit in terms of heat and sound insulation. The structure makes up not only the walls but also the framework to the floors and ceilings of the modules, including the supports for the doors and windows. Capsule has been fitted out with a series of IoT sensors and technologies by Manni Energy, and these enable correct air circulation, energy optimisation, greater use of natural light and an integrated anti-intrusion system.

The Capsule product was shortlisted for the ADI Design Index 2021.

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Location: Museo Enzo Ferrari, Modena
Year: 2021
Concept design and architectural project: Il Prisma
Engineering: Manni Green Tech
Interior design: LAGO

Photography by Andrea Martiradonna, courtesy of Manni Group
Render 3D: Il Prisma, courtesy of Manni Group

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