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Capsule Collection 2021

The Home Feeling in the Office

Capsule Collection 2021
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrifoglio Group has participated in the project

The Capsule Collection 2021 is the latest office furniture range from the Quadrifoglio Group. As this company from the Treviso area of Northern Italy turns 30, it has decided to add a new twist in the preview of its latest collection, with furniture that has a new, more emotive and welcoming feel designed deliberately to bring a touch of the home into the office.

The full collection will be unveiled in the near future, but a few products have already been launched to provide a taster of what is to come. These enticing new additions include two work tables and two chairs. The X4 Wooden legs and X3 Wooden legs desks have oak legs that add a color warmth seldom found in the often aseptic world of office furniture. Such a solution could not be more topical with the exponential growth in working from home driven by the pandemic, causing a real need to carve out an office space in the home.


The most innovative product in the collection, the Diade Rock chair, also moves in this direction. This exclusive Quadrifoglio Group product was conceived by Dorigo Design and entirely produced, from the original idea to manufacturing, at the Group’s plant in Udine, the seating capital of Northern Italy. Diade Rock might have a minimalist design, but it is big on personality, using sober elements, clean, soft lines and careful ergonomics to great effect. The upholstered lumbar support is available in fabric, leather or synthetic leather, while the chair frame also comes in different options.

Every product in the Capsule Collection has a range of finishings designed for multiple settings, perhaps with a classical, modern or even industrial style. The latter is particularly for lofts or co-working spaces. Such diversity specifically caters for differing tastes and furnishing styles.

The final preview of the new collection is the Astro Twist range of coordinated contract sofas, a new version of the successful Astro line, but using convex and concave curves. The ability to customize this option through the selection of fabrics and colors makes it particularly appealing for the hospitality sector as it is both striking and adaptable, potentially with poufs and coffee tables added into the design.

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