“Camouflaged” doors and windows
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“Camouflaged” doors and windows

“Camouflaged” doors and windows
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Schüco has participated in the project

Minimalist design and excellent performance are blended in the frames for Schüco AWS 75 BS.HI+ doors and windows, and the company’s tilt and slide (PASK) doors. The thin frames optimise the glazed area, without hindering ease-of-access. The Schüco AWS 75 BS.HI+ aluminium systems have visible sections of only 73 mm, maximising the glazed area and natural light, while also helping increase integration between indoors and outdoors. 

Such elements improve the overall comfort of an interior.  The glazed doors have minimal thresholds that rise a mere 25 mm off the ground. The continuous central gasket coupled with the insulation of the glazing rebate guarantee excellent heat insulation, air permeability and water and wind resistance. 

The thin frames and the use of timber panels on the inside - an option that can be created in a custom wood and colour - make these windows an excellent option, when revamping a building, to discreetly integrated new windows into an old structure. Schüco’s tilt and slide doors are ideal for large glazed areas, and easy to open with a clean, elegant design. The use of an underfloor roller carriage system means the tilt and slide doors also have easy access thresholds. The soft closing mechanism increases ease of operation. The tilt and slide doors also offer excellent levels of heat insulation, with the Schüco AWS 90 SI+ system even meeting Passive House requirements. 


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