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Cameron House

An Immersive experience in an 18th-century Castle

3DReid e Simpson & Brown | Greyline Design Studio

Cameron House
By Redazione The Plan -
Diasen has participated in the project

Nestled on the shores of Britain’s largest freshwater lake, Loch Lomond, this castle from the mid-18th century was recently revamped in a style that echoes the romantic essence of the great lakes, rugged hills and misty forests of this neck of the woods. The work has made it possible to turn the famed Cameron House into a luxury wellness resort, with sailing and a golf course, that provides an ideal starting point for immersing oneself in Scottish nature and discovering this border area of the Highlands, famed for its whisky.

Cameron House Courtesy Diasen

The recent work created spacious, upmarket suites and rooms that are imbued with ancient charm in a modern key, which is the same approach adopted for the 14 exquisitely restored suites in Auld House. The latter, along with the redone 17th-century baronial mansion, is the cornerstone for exploring history and heritage, in a blend of timelessly elegant furniture, luxurious beds and terraces or rooftops with extensive views that expand the living areas. The communal areas are imbued with the same sense of a journey into the style and history of a past age, with libraries, a reception area in dark hues with striking pendant lights and a lobby café with an iconic marble counter. These shared spaces are given further unity through, for example, the use of bronze-colored velvet, antique brass inlays, and impressive Emperador marble.

Cameron House Courtesy Diasen

3DReid studio took the lead on this project, working with Simpson & Brown and, for the interior design, Greyline Design Studio. Diasen, a company from Marche in central Italy, was responsible supplying the solution for internal and external walls: Diathonite Thermactive.037 Mediterranean thermo-mortar. This plaster produces exceptional thermal performance, but also adds lightness to the structure.
The thermo-coating has a mixture of spray cork and materials such as amorphous silica, perlite and pumice to create a highly porous product that works effectively by drawing on the natural and atmospheric properties of these materials. The small gaps in the plaster fill with air to enhance thermal insulation, while the choice of materials helps absorb excess humidity. These properties become essential in parts of the world characterized by lower temperatures and high humidity, such as those found in areas north-west of Glasgow, like Loch Lomond. Of course, the climate and landscape are defining features of Cameron House, with the lake a particularly attractive destination for fishing, kayaking and speed boating, and the hills and expansive forests a delightful area for riding, climbing and hiking around, perhaps in search of birds of prey. Such aspects are an indispensable part of an immersive experience.


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