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Calce Bianco by Laminam
By Editorial Staff -
Laminam has participated in the project

The perfect flatness, extreme lightness and excellent properties of the material allow the Laminam 12mm-thick, 1620x3240mm ceramic slabs, to be used as the preferred material for horizontal surfaces, from tables to bathroom and kitchen tops. The main features and great value of the Laminam surfaces, which on the one hand are hygienic, easy to clean, resistant to the onset of mould and mildew, fire and heat, wear and scratches, as wells as cleaning products and detergents and on the other hand, maintain their colour over time and are resistant to different weather conditions, make them suitable for both the interiors of the most delicate domestic settings and for exteriors exposed completely to the weather conditions, without undergoing any changes. Designed especially for the world of large, high-end kitchens with an island, the new 12mm-thick, 1620x3240mm slabs increase the creative freedom of the material with a view to better optimise the surfaces used, offering itself as an alternative to materials such as marble and stone, which are more expensive and have a greater impact on the environment.

THE PROPERTIES: OUTDOOR USE - The pure natural surfaces of Laminam ceramics find spontaneous placement in outdoor environments, as the preferred material for outdoor horizontal surfaces and tables. In fact, the excellent resistance of the material is fully expressed in an outdoor setting, as it is not affected by weather and does not show signs of aging. The chromatic properties of the Laminam ceramic slabs do not change when exposed to sunlight, they are not affected by extreme weather conditions or by the passing of time; the material is completely frost-proof and resists at low as well as high temperatures, even in the event of sudden climatic changes, and does not change in size due to humidity.

THE PROPERTIES: INDOOR USE - The stability of the material and high resistance combine with other fundamental properties of the Laminam ceramic slab, making it an excellent material for all indoor horizontal surfaces, from tables to bathroom and kitchen tops, thanks to its hygienic nature. The inherently hygienic nature of porcelain stoneware and, in particular, of the Laminam ceramic surfaces of 12mm-thick, 1620x3240mm do not release elements in solution and therefore are completely food safe. Another confirmation of the hygienic nature and purity of the material is the fact that the Laminam ceramic slabs are also highly resistant to the onset of mould and mildew, they are not damaged by scratches and deep cuts and are stain resistant, even against the most stubborn stains such as wine, coffee, lemon, olive oil. Finally, the properties of the slabs do not change when they come into contact with chemicals, acids, bases, solvents and disinfectants. The Laminam top passes the most stringent tests as demonstration of its excellence, thus allowing the direct use on ceramic material of blades, food and chemical products.

THE AESTHETICS OF THE NEW SLABS - The new 1620x3240x12mm slabs combine the excellent properties of the material with a strong and sculptural character, which becomes the distinctive feature of tables, kitchen and bathroom tops and countertops. Expressed in five collections inspired by elements such as concrete, wood, iron and solid backgrounds that combine the allure of history with the language of today, the new series offers a total of 14 colours for creating truly evocative atmospheres.

Calce - Pale colours and delicate nuances inspired by wet plaster and industrial concrete. Soft materials with a strong contemporary spirit, icons of a sophisticated design. Colours: Avorio, Bianco, Grigio, Tortora, Antracite, Nero

Cava - A new architectural concept with an allure of authenticity. A magnifying glass on the natural quarry that brings to the surface beautiful elements and veining effects faithful to reality. Colours: Bianco Statuario Venato Lucidato, Bianco Statuario Venato Soft Touch, Calacatta Oro Venato Soft Touch, Calacatta Oro Venato Lucidato, Bluestone

Legno Venezia - Surfaces sculpted by the hard work of sea creatures, typical of the Venetian mooring posts; corroded by the sea water bringing back to life a piece of the famous lagoon’s history. Colours: Corda

Ossido - Unusual materials that take on a new meaning, generating an unexpected visual impact. From the ironworking tradition come textures that combine technology with art. Colours: Bruno, Nero

Tinta Unita - Reflective surfaces whose full colour plays a key role in emphasising full-bodied hues and colour finishes with surprising brilliant shadings.
Colours: Neve lucidato

Main features - Size: 1620 x 3240 mm, Thickness: 12 mm, Weight: 150 kg

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