C-bonded technology Ceramic & Wood together
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C-bonded technology Ceramic & Wood together

C-bonded technology Ceramic & Wood together
By Redazione The Plan -

Research and innovation merge with bathroom design. Duravit’s new c-bonded technology, presented at the latest Salone de Mobile furniture fair, uses innovative manufacturing and extreme precision to “smelt” ceramics and wood in a seamless synthesis of the two materials. 

The ceramic of the washbasin is no longer distinct from the wooden unit. They merge, ceramic seemingly become wood in an aesthetic fusion without joints. The thickness of the ceramic fades away completely into a simple corner, the transition point between the two materials. 

Dark and light, warm and cold, smooth and natural coexist in a single unit that is nothing short of a new visual and tactile experience where the sharp design exalts the volume and the surfaces. 

C-bonded technology uses patented DuraCeram® ceramic that, notable for its smooth, shiny surfaces that are easy to clean, is made using a high-performance mixture that is far more resistant to abrasions than normal ceramic and can be exceptionally thin to allow true precision. 

Duravit presented its c-bonded technology as part of the washbasins for its Darling New series, designed by Sieger Design. The collection, notable for the large basins and plenty of counter area, goes with the L-Cube units designed by Cristian Werner. The series has no elements that jut out or handles, emphasizing the simplicity of shape and line that characterizes the front sections. 

The result is a completely new bathroom unit that will please even the most demanding customers, seeking an elegant and simple design that is also resistant, convenient and easy to look after. 



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