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By-com - Customizes the service sector

By-com - Customizes the service sector
By Editorial Staff -

BY-COM is Vimar’s latest venture into building automation. It comprises four systems of control, communications and security automation for hotels, offices, companies, health units and commercial premises. In looks, the products or devices making up each solution match the home series Eikon, Idea and Plana, and are easy to install, activate and use.
WELL-CONTACT PLUS is an automation and control system that takes complete care of comfort and security in hotels, offices, commercial and sports centres. Meeting KNX standards, Well-contact Plus is flexible - new devices can be added over time - interoperative - it links up with products and systems by other companies complying with this international standard - integrable - as an interface with management programmes and “e-Payment Systems” one can access linked-up external services.
E-WAY: this emergency lighting system may be incorporated in a central monitoring system complying with KNX standards, and is fully compatible with other systems in the same company.
CALL-WAY is a modular call system for hospitals, designed to improve health care, tranquillize the patient and optimize the unit’s resources.
NETSAFE is a swift, safe, structured cabling system transmitting and receiving all information inside and outside offices. By it one can install cable structured for category 5 and 6 copper networks as well as optic fibre.


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