Brick, from Archetype to Ceramic Decoration
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Brick, from Archetype to Ceramic Decoration

Brick, from Archetype to Ceramic Decoration
By Editorial Staff -
RAK Ceramics has participated in the project

RAK Ceramics’ small format tiles produce a minimal, rhythmic and adaptable effect. Inspired by the timeless appeal of brick, whether in a rectangular or a square version, these new collections from the company allow architects and interior designers to create fluid and dynamic spaces with bright colors and bold combinations. This archetypal composition element is the result of a perfect union between craftsmanship and industry, and is available in a wide range of options that ensures optimal solutions both in terms of materials and product size (6.5x26, 7.5x15, 10x30, 10x40 and 15x15 cm). These small “bricks” are made of matte or polished porcelain stoneware, and can be laid horizontally or vertically. Having lost their structural role, these bricks have become purely decorative elements that can be assembled in countless combinations, giving free rein to an architect’s imagination, with original patterns that create a seemingly infinite variety of surfaces and colors. This range of possibilities explodes when you use small and large format tiles in addition to these bricks. 
The versatility of combinations and different color options – from pastel shades to more textured elements, including effects like wood, metal, concrete and others – make it possible to manipulate the visual effect of the cladding. For example, in rooms with neutral tones, these tiles can be used as a stand-out feature, dominating the space, but in more elegant settings, with a well-defined style, they can remain an unobtrusive presence. By playing with the material and the shape of a brick, RAK Ceramics has been able to produce four new collections: Marrakkesh – with colors that evoke the earth and nature, from deep greens and blues to the pinks and grays typical of spices; Subway and Metro – in which monochromatic cladding moves from flat and linear backgrounds to textured and three-dimensional, respectively; and finally, the vibrant Metamorfosi, which offers true freedom of expression through tone-on-tone contrasts and harmonies. With a wide range of options and combinations, these four collections offer a viable, intriguing option for any interior design, regardless of the environment. 

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