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Bollicine by Cristina Rubinetterie

Bollicine by Cristina Rubinetterie
By Editorial Staff -
The imposing cylindrical body rises for 13 cm from the base up to the control lever conferring the sanitary components indisputable class and luxury style.
Bollicine’s aesthetical charm is extremely enthralling: the spout strikes for the perfectly flat and smooth surface which gradually but unperceivably expands along both sides, resulting in a trapezoidal shape extending for more than 10 cm towards the centre of the washbasin.
The intense luminosity of the tap soft surfaces is reflected all over the bathroom. The delicacy of the extremely slim yet functionally firm control lever does not interfere with the rigour of the ensemble, but instead makes it even more charming. The net slit from which the aired water cascade flows completes the flat spout surface conferring the tap a sculpturesque quality retraceable in other series.
Top quality materials and avant-garde finishings are the winning elements of a highly reliable and long lasting product. We use only certified brass treated with non-toxic chrome plating. The light reflexes are exalted by Bollicine’s surfaces available exclusively with a polished finishing which highlights the modern language of the geometrical lines.
Final users cannot but confirm that the evolution of a product must follow the functional need rather than just aesthetics, an essential and determinant rule to realize a first class tap. Bollicine never lets the consumer down presenting itself as a product extremely aesthetical pleasant to the eye and highly technologically innovative. This tap will satisfy everyone’s expectations, not only in terms of durability and functionality, qualities in any case always guaranteed by the brand Cristina Rubinetterie.
The Bollicine series is available in chrome finishing, at the moment with the following items: regular (h. mm 137), medium (h. mm 211) and tall (h. mm 297) washbasin mixer, 3-holes built-in washbasin mixer (plate included), 3-holes washbasin tap; tub single lever mixer with hand shower; 4-holes tub set with flow spout; built-in shower with sliding bar and shower head.
The perfect solution for a refined and highly detailed ambience, its “aristocratic” shape fits well also in a contemporary bathroom.
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