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Bollicine by Cristina

Bollicine by Cristina
By Editorial Staff -
This chromed surface reflects the environment , and fills the series with the surrounding colours and shades.
One cylindric body that proudly stands from the ceramic basin and shapes trough a smooth but steady movement; through the horizontal spout cut, it proceeds with an impressive water cascade. The lever seems to lean and fly away on the chromed surface, near to cross the aesthetic solidity of the product, and gives a surprising balance of elegance.
The spirit of this series is definitely contemporary, an object to love and notice for its exclusivity and for its practical use into surroundings furnished with traditional materials or less conventional ones. The lever movement suggests the idea of a delicate touch but with bounce.
High end materials and innovative finishings make the product reliable and very resistant on time. The brass is certified, as well as the atoxic chrome finishing. To enhance the light reflexes, the Bollicine surfaces are available only in glossy chrome finishing, and underline the modern language of the geometric forms.
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