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BodyLove Complete wellness
By Editorial Staff -
Effegibi has participated in the project

BodyLove was unveiled at the 2016 International Bathroom Exhibition in Milan and it is the latest development in heat and wellness technology, taking it into the realm of a complete sensory experience for body care. 

The project - designed by Rodolfo Dordoni with Michele Angelini - combines a sauna and a Turkish bath in a single structure. 

Despite each part being distinct, with a front or side entrance, they are merged in a rational and intuitive composition that uses “hanging” levels at different heights. At the same time, the sense of distinction is emphasized through the use of different materials and furnishings: wood for the sauna and Corian for the Turkish bath. 

In the sauna, the suspended wooden benches are placed perpendicularly to a low, wide unit - wooden, with tiles - that supports the stove clad in glazed ceramic tiles. The walls can be in Canadian hemlock or heat-treated solid wood, with mirrors optional. The ceiling is tiled and includes LED RGB lighting. 

The Turkish bath uses the same composition, with a hanging Corian bench, teak back and foot rests, and a unit on the floor to hold the Nuvola Smart Power steam generator. A Botticino marble counter has a tap and a steel bowl with a copper finish, while a circular shower head is embedded in the ceiling to provide an efficient, refreshing jet of water from above. The internal walls can be clad in champagne or dark auvergne grey porcelain stoneware tiles, or in coated cane glass. The Turkish bath has an external niche, with aluminum and glass shelves, that is created by setting back the section of glass near the tap.  

BodyLove has a coated aluminum structure with surfaces that are see-through - windows and doors in extra-clear glass -  or opaque, in a range of materials. The result is functional and flexible, allowing the entire structure to integrate into the room in which it is placed.  

In addition to the sauna + Turkish bath version (393x176x220h cm), BodyLove comes in an independent version (i.e. only sauna or Turkish bath), with modules of 200x176x220h cm. Like all Effegibi products, BodyLove can be customized using a range of non-standard materials to ensure it fits the required space perfectly.



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