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BodyLove by Effegibi
By Editorial Staff -
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Design by Rodolfo Dordoni with Michele Angelini

BodyLove has a painted aluminium frame with glass wall and door panels in either a super-clear or opaque finish, the choice of different materials providing maximum flexibility and functionality. And that’s not all. Materials like grés porcelain stimulate perception of the spa space as an environment that blends perfectly with its surroundings, rather than just an unsightly high-tech element. 

The interior space of the sauna + Hammam version is divided into two separate spaces that can have either a front or side entrance. The design concept for both of these spaces involves a composition that it is both rational and intuitive based on different planes that appear suspended at different heights. The key elements in the two spaces, the heat source in the sauna and water in the Hammam are given pride of place so that, even from the outside, the function of each space is clearly defined.

The sauna space is furnished with raised wooden benches in the front with a base   reaching right to the back, made of wood clad in grés porcelain, that supports the heater finished in glazed ceramic. The ceiling in grés porcelain houses the RGB LED lighting. There is a choice of two types of wood for the walls, Canadian hemlock or heat-treated solid wood with mirrored surfaces available on request.

The Hammam displays the same compositional format as the sauna, with a wall-fitted bench in Corian complete with a teak backrest and footrest, and a base reaching right to the back containing the Nuvola Smart Power steam generator that can be checked from outside. This element houses a panel of Botticino marble containing the taps and the spring and shower controls plus a copper-finish stainless steel bowl, revisiting in a modern key the traditional ritual of dousing yourself with cool water during your steam bath. A round grés porcelain ceiling-mounted shower head delivers a regenerating flow of water from above.  

A recessed niche adorning the transparent wall near the water source creates a convenient open space fitted with shelves with an aluminium frame and glass surface.

The outer surfaces can be finished in ceramic, wood, mirrored or back-painted glass. The inner surfaces are clad in 5mm-thick grés porcelain in a choice of two colours, champagne or dark Auvergne grey, or they can be finished in back-painted fluted glass.

Like all latest-generation Effegibi products, the BodyLove Hammam is fitted with colour-therapy and the ECC (Effegibi Comfort Control) system built into every Effegibi steam generator enabling remote control of such Turkish bath functions as switch-on time, temperature, lighting, etc.

The sauna + Hammam version of  BodyLove measures 393 x 176 x h220cm with various options for placing and orienting the access doors to the two spaces. 

BodyLove can also be supplied in a stand-alone version, with just a sauna or Hammam, to meet the needs of any environment. Both stand-alone versions measure 200 x 176 x h220cm.

Like all Effegibi products BodyLove offers countless personalisation options for the materials used and the way they are teamed, including non-catalogue options, to create a genuine made-to-measure spa area.

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