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Bocconi University Campus

Patented Curtains for Optimal Acoustics

SANAA Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa

Bocconi University Campus
By Editorial Staff -
MEDIT has participated in the project

The campus of the SDA School of Management, designed by Kazuyo Sejima’s and Ryue Nishizawa’s SANAA architectural firm for Bocconi University in Milan, includes various environments, notably numerous office and teaching spaces, a student residence, and a sports center open to the public. To optimize the usability of each classroom for both students and professors, factors such as sound quality, lighting, and ventilation were carefully studied and designed. Medit’s assistance was critical in identifying the optimal sound absorption solutions based on the survey and investigation conducted, which included an analysis of the size, geometry and material characteristics of each room, as well as the propagation of sound waves.

Campus Università Bocconi © Andrea Pisapia, courtesy Medit

Specializing in the curtain technology sector, Medit focused on optimizing the acoustics by carefully selecting high-performance sound-absorbing fabrics with patented Snowsound Fiber® technology. This innovative choice effectively eliminates acoustic reverberation, improves speech intelligibility and minimizes background noise for an optimal learning environment. In conjunction with the selected fabrics, Medit installed its Acoustic Wave motorized pleated curtain systems in 41 classrooms. These curtains are perfectly integrated with the building management system technology and can be controlled from panels in the rooms. For some specific areas, such as the Franceschi Great Hall and the REC sports building, the fabrics selected also took into account thermo-optical performance, while for the Master Executive Office section, the analysis focused more on the diffusion of natural light, finding solutions to minimize glare. By taking advantage of these aspects, the usability of each environment of the new campus was maximized. As a whole, the combination of technology and composition, formal and conceptual specificities makes the complex a new landmark model.

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