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Bobush by Fontana Arte

Bobush by Fontana Arte
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The lighting fixture can be installed with base into the ground and with base above the ground and can be positioned vertically of inclined 15° or 30°. The lighting source can be orientated from 0° (downwards) till 45° by means of a lever (that can be removed once the orientation of the lighting emission has been determined). The rotation of the lighting source compensates the rotation of the fixture and allows to have the same light emission towards the ground for appliances with different inclinations. Characteristic of Bobush is the possibility to create a path of appliances with different inclinations that generate the perception of irregular bushes. The height above the ground of the lamp in vertical position and with grounded base is 70 cm, the height above the ground in vertical position with base above the ground is 80 cm. Available in two standard colours: green forest RAL 6005 (V) and red - RAL 3020 (R). Should the lighting fixture be installed above the ground and inclined, a flexible tube made of stainless steel for the protection of the feeding cable is provided as an accessory.

Size: cm 16,2 x 10,9 x 80
Lighting source: 1x7,7W (Led)
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