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Blue Palace Resort & Spa

Blue Palace Resort & Spa
By Redazione The Plan -
Mapei has participated in the project

The recently built Blue Palace Resort & Spa Hotel nestles on a hillside overlooking the Cretan village of Plaka with breathtaking views over to the island of Spinalonga and its Venetian fortress. The hotel comprises a variety of guestrooms in the central building, bungalows amidst local vegetation and three villas in a more secluded area. A new bungalow wing was built in 2008. Mapei supplied a wide range of products for both interior and exterior work. Planicrete, an acrylic latex admixture, was added to the sand-and-cement wall plaster for the interiors to guarantee excellent adhesion to the substrate and mechanical strength. Underlayments were smoothed with a layer of Ultraplan. In the living zone, the granite slab flooring was laid with Ultraflex S2 Mono, a tile adhesive that also dampens footfall noise. The cementitious mortar grout Keracolor FF was mixed with special water-repellent additives and used to fill the joint widths, ensuring excellent water and soil resistance as well as long floor life. The parquet in the night area was laid using Adesilex PA. Ultraflex S2 Mono and Keracolor FF were also used for the exterior paving. Outside vertical surfaces were waterproofed with Idrosilex Pronto. The tiles of the private swimming pools annexed to each bungalow were grouted with Keracolor FF, for this application mixed with Fugolastic to provide improved abrasion resistance and lower porosity.


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