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Blue Agate

Blue Agate by Antolini
By Editorial Staff -

Blue Agate is a material rich in fascination and history. Regarded as a talisman since ancient times, agate was thought to have protective properties and has always been used to bestow harmony on interiors. Evoking the encompassing power of the sea with its crystalline highlights, the unmistakable character of this precious stone is stunning.  

Semi-transparent, a complex texture and a variety of colours that range from blue to violet, from cobalt to sky-blue or from turquoise to mauve, Blue Agate presents infinite expressive potential, especially combined with other more compact, uniform materials that enhance its chromatic richness.

The option of backlighting the slabs and creating a translucent, iridescent effect turns light into a key element of the material and enhances the personality of the stones.  

Blue Agate is offered by Antolini within the captivating Precioustone Collection that combines the timeless seduction of precious stones with the creativity of a company that always astounds with its originality and excellence.

This collection is the top of the range in the field of cladding materials.  In order to satisfy the most demanding clients, Antolini has selected more than 100 of the most sought-after gems in order to bring all the value of real jewels to the world of design.

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