Black and White, Contrast and Harmony
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Black and White, Contrast and Harmony

Black and White, Contrast and Harmony
By Editorial Staff -
Albrecht Jung Gmbh & Co has participated in the project

Innovation. Passion. Precision.
For decades, these three words have driven the development of Jung products.
The minimalist designs and essential shapes of Jung systems provide a solution for practically any situation, underscored by the company’s exceptional know-how in materials processing.

A new, luxurious matt finish with a delightful velvet touch, produced in Germany, is an ideal solution for surfaces that exude elegance of the highest quality. Available in graphite black and snow white, this special new finish adds timeless, understated elegance to the Jung A 550, A Flow, LS 990, LS Zero and LS Cube programmes.

The addition of these new colors, along with an already impressive range of applications - over 300 - makes it easy to seamlessly insert these switches, sockets and push-button sensors into most interior design projects, either deliberately creating a striking contrast or maintaining a delicate harmony.

The matt graphite black is ideal for producing a balanced contrast in
eye-catching designs. For example, by absorbing the light, the matt finish helps to exalt any dark walls on which these products are located.

On the other end of the spectrum, the matt snow-white finish emphatically underscores the pure, essential nature of the range.
This elegant matt white finish reflects the light, helping the switches and buttons to become a perfect part of many different wall designs.


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