B!klimax+ Integrated heating-cooling system
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B!klimax+ Integrated heating-cooling system

B!klimax+ Integrated heating-cooling system
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B!klimax+ RDZ is a heating and cooling system set into ceilings and walls so as to take advantage of such surfaces to exchange heat by radiation. These radiator panels in plasterboard or on a metal frame with an insulating layer of polystyrene or rockwool (for better fire resistance) ensure low thermal inertia and high performance; transmission via radiation distributes the temperature uniformly inside the room without the nuisance of draughts and convective movement - hence less dust and healthier air.
These properties make B!klimax+ especially suitable for a residential environment, say a hospital or hotel, where one must ensure an atmosphere of health and comfort throughout the year.
Setting the panels into the ceiling or walls means that all surfaces are used to the full - a great boon when planning and allocating space. Besides, being so easy and versatile to install, the system can be employed in renovation operations and not just new building.
B!klimax+ works at its best when integrated into a thermo-regulation system controlling the settings, and also an air conditioning and exchange system to regulate humidity and condensation.



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