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Listone Giordano has participated in the project

The Natural Genius collections by Listone Giordano combine traditional wooden floors with the creativity of top-end designers who re-interpret parquet to give it new dynamism, shapes, patterns and colours. 

The duet of classic tradition and innovation creates eye-catching solutions that could stand alone as furnishing systems, much more than simple flooring. These collections exalt architectural design, adding innovation to the warmth and texture of wood. 

Biscuit was born from working with designer Patricia Urquiola. The collection centres on rediscovering the decorative power of parquet and the quintessentially feminine trait of softness, expressed in rounded, curved blocks and a slight embossing of the surface. 

The process to create Biscuit also drew heavily on an in-depth study into traditional laying systems, allowing old models to be overturned and then re-invented to produce compositions that enhance joints and, simultaneously, breaks and the seamless pattern of the parquet flooring. The patterns - regular lengthwise, inlay, mosaics or herringbone - do not differ enormously from the classic wooden floor options, but the size, and the rounded tips of the wooden boards produce a totally new look. 

Biscuit is made of French oak. The wooden strips can be assembled in six different patterns and used for flooring and high impact wall cladding. 

This innovative take on parquet has already been used by Patricia Urquiola in the Igniv restaurant at Bad Ragaz Grand Resort in Switzerland. In a cosy setting, with a vaulted ceiling and an open fire, the designer created wood panelling using Biscuit that increases the sense of warmth and privacy, in a skilful mix of history and contemporary. 


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