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BioBlock® technology by Mapei | THE PLAN
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For this year’s edition of Klimahouse, Mapei proposed certified, cutting-edge solutions to help reduce energy consumption and improve the level of living comfort. The research and technology behind colours make Mapei wall finishes designed for internal and external use stand out from the crowd. The wall finishes have been formulated to protect surfaces against wear and aggressive atmospheric agents, guaranteeing a much longer service life for the products along with lower maintenance costs. For internal surroundings, Mapei will be proposing the “PLUS” range of wall finishes containing BioBlock® technology to combat the proliferation of mould and fungi. The high level of protection they provide for surfaces, along with the beautifully attractive range of finishes it is possible to achieve, make the Plus range of finishes the ideal choice for decorating internal surroundings. Also showcased will be DURSILITE PLUS, a water-based wall paint made from acrylic resin in water dispersion, selected fillers and special additives that give the finish excellent resistance to mould, good covering properties, opacity and good white balance. What is more, this water-based paint has very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to guarantee a high level of living comfort. Another important family of products created for internal surroundings that require a higher level of hygiene is MAPECOAT ACT (Advanced Coating Technology), certified wall enamels designed to meet the requirements of high levels of hygiene and cleanliness in surroundings used for food and beverages and healthcare. MAPECOAT ACT 021 is an enamel paint designed for internal surroundings in areas with food and drinks compliant with the HACCP protocol and UNI 11021 standards, which specify the requirements and relative test procedures for paints and varnishes for walls and ceilings in areas where food and drinks are processed and handled. MAPECOAT ACT 196 is an enamel paint for internal areas and is perfect for healthcare settings, schools and recreational areas. It contrasts the deposit and proliferation of bacteria on surfaces, including those that need frequent cleaning and disinfecting in compliance with tests using cleaning agents and disinfectants. MAPECOAT ACT 196 complies with ISO 22196 standards. Enamel paints from the MAPECOAT ACT family will be the subject of demonstrations carried out by Mapei Technical Services on the Mapei Stand to prove the high performance properties of the two products. Both paints have very low emission of VOC and have no effect on the quality of indoor air. For external surfaces Mapei will be proposing finishing systems that form a well-bonded, seamless coating on surfaces, protects them against wear and atmospheric agents and leaves them with a highly attractive finish. Also showcased will be the range of mineral finishing products made from silica-based binders, which includes SILANCOLOR AC TONACHINO PLUS with excellent water repellence, good vapour breathability and, thanks to the inclusion of BioBlock® technology, effective protection against microorganisms. Amongst the various film-forming finishes available made with a base of acrylic polymers, showcased at Klimahouse will be those with a quartz base that guarantee a high level of adhesion and filling properties. QUARZOLITE TONACHINO PLUS in particular is a hygienising coating with BioBlock® technology that contrasts the formation and proliferation of mould, mildew and fungi. And, last but not least, will be the range of elastomeric acrylic resin-based products in water dispersion. ELASTOCOLOR TONACHINO PLUS is an elastomeric coating with permanent elasticity with the capacity to absorb light deformations in substrates and protect the surface of concrete and reinforced concrete. This product also contains BioBlock® technology against the growth of microorganisms, as well as water-repellent Drop Effect technology.


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