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Large Formats for Outdoor Areas

Big Floors
By Editorial Staff -
Consorzio AMP, Micheletto have participated in the project

Back in 2016, three companies in different parts of Italy - Micheletto in Padua, Antolini in Perugia and Pavesmac in Cuneo - teamed up to create Big, large-format concrete paving slabs (12 cm thick) that were conceived as an alternative to natural stone and other options already available on the market.

Big comes in five different versions to cater for multiple compositional and creative requirements, making it a solution not only for the large areas found in supermarkets, plazas and other busy areas, but also a potential option for more intimate, quieter spaces, such as private or condo courtyards.

Big slabs use a special interlocking system - called Nexus - that adds stability, while the Stone Tech treatment adds to their useful life and gives them a natural stone look.

For designers and architects, this solution is often an interesting option as it offers a genuine alternative to natural stone, but obviously costs significantly less and is quicker to install. Compared to its more direct equivalents - such as molded concrete slabs or interlocking blocks - Big offers a larger range of sizes, shapes and colors.

Big has already been used in many projects in varied contexts and on vastly different scales. For example, on the outskirts of Parma, the natural stone paving in the public garden Piazzale Maestri was replaced with Big slabs in the 50x25, 50x50 and 50x100 cm versions, in Granite White with a special, high effect finish. In Malborghetto, near Ferrara, the piazza in front of the church was redone to create a section of lawn flanked by two paved areas, which is where Big comes in. This time the color choice fell on Grey and White, with a smooth finish, and the chosen sizes were 50x100, 50x50 and 50x25 cm. Finally, near Padua, the plaza in front of the town hall in Villa del Conte saw Big used to frame two areas. The one will be a parking lot with 50x20 cm slabs, while the other is a pedestrian space, with 50x50 cm slabs chosen to embellish this spot where locals like to gather.


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