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Bianco by Pozzi-Ginori

Bianco by Pozzi-Ginori
By Editorial Staff -
? pleasant to the touch, it is perceived by skin as a friendly material
? anti-slipper, it reduces possibilities of falling in the shower
? its lightness and high quality reduce delivery costs and simplify the installation
? non-deformable, less likely to scratch, long lasting in time
? easy to clean

Another unique characteristic is that acrylic natural shimmering appearance makes it from an aesthetic point of view adaptable with other sanitary ware in the bathroom, guaranteeing a perfect design continuity.
Belonging to Collection catalogue, characterized by high-design root, “Bianco” is available on the market since February 2013, with numberless dimensions and sizes, installation on the floor.
With their clean and simple lines, stripped of anything superfluous, they are perfect for traditional bathrooms, but the minimalist simplicity of their lines also make them an excellent choice for modern settings, without omitting the price-high quality ratio.

square shower tray cm. 80x80/ cm.90x90/ cm.100x100
rectangular shower tray cm. 90x75/ cm.100x80/ cm.120x80/ cm. 80x80/ cm.140x90/ cm.160x90
quadrant shower tray cm. 80x80/ cm.90x90
height from floor cm 3
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