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Bent by Caleido
By Editorial Staff -

Design by Alessandro Canepa

Just three curves "outline" the radiator profile.
Essential elegance where wise alternation of “positive and negative” create a play of lights and shadows that make it look like a continuously changing object, which gives a different perception of depth and increases aesthetic purity and linearity at the same time.


Bent Horizontal

The desire to create a product that would be discreet and easily recognisable at the same time for its distinctive features inspired the Horizontal version. Formal simplicity, versatility and the option of being installed either vertically or horizontally make this radiator an element that perfectly blends into any setting.


Bent Bagno

The ample central “curvature” enhances the aesthetic value of this radiator, the bathroom version of which includes a towel rack while also saving space.
A careful study at a technical and formal level has made it possible to minimize thicknesses with consequent reduced weight, dimensions and heat-up times. The resulting benefits are considerable cost and energy savings, limited water consumption and low environmental impact, while ensuring higher heat output than with a radiator with the same surface area.
One standard rack for the bathroom version (up to 1500mm in height) or two racks with a height of 1800mm. One more rack can be added on request.


COLOURS: embossed white, embossed black and embossed grey
Material: Aluminum
Misures: 820, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2200h x 520 mm

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