Benefits of Snow at your Fingertips
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Benefits of Snow at your Fingertips

Benefits of Snow at your Fingertips
By Editorial Staff -
Technoalpin has participated in the project

Very often, simply watching the snow as it slowly, silently and rhythmically falls to the ground can be a source of calmness and relaxation. This, combined with the benefits of the cold, has now been brought into spas, pools and gyms, ushering in a new wellness model for public and private facilities. A few years ago, SnowRooms were launched to harness the benefits of a cold, dry climate and the beauty of a snowy landscape while remaining indoors; now, TechnoAlpin Indoor has designed a SnowSky – an area where you can enjoy the feel of snowflakes on your skin. Study after study has shown the physical and mental health benefits of exposing the body to the cold. With SnowSky, the spirit is revitalized both through the coolness of the flakes and the coldness of the surrounding light. Since the system is very compact and produces 20 l/h of snow fall at room temperature, it can be installed in a variety of new buildings and existing facilities. It only takes a touch of imagination to see how it can be used in a hotel lobby or a cocktail bar.

Both products – SnowRoom and SnowSky – are designed to leverage the “positive stress” of a hot-cold transition for holistic mind and body wellness. For example, they improve blood circulation, stimulate the cardiovascular system and boost the immune system. Dry cold also means the airways, lungs and even brain cells can cool as slowly and as gently as possible.

Combining such systems with a sauna produces a sub-zero transition after sweating, while using it jointly with the gym facilitates the post-workout regenerative process. Creating year-round winter really gets the body back in shape faster.

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