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Beauty and Technology for Blinds and Curtains

Beauty and Technology for Blinds and Curtains
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In the world of contemporary architecture, blinds and curtains can play a fundamental role in protecting a space from the sun and the wind while adding character to a room or an environment without requiring a radical overhaul. Mottura, with offices in Italy, Belgium and France, was founded in San Giusto Canavese (Turin province) and has been working in the field of window decoration since 1963, initially specializing in the production of wooden pelmets and later expanding its horizons to provide architects and interior designers with a range of suitable esthetic and technological solutions for any project. Today, Mottura offers a complete range of systems that meet both requirements, with a widespread presence throughout Italy and distribution available through many different channels. 

The brand’s wide range of products includes technical blinds and furnishing curtain systems that can be combined with different fabrics and, if necessary, can be operated remotely using M2Net technology.
The company’s main technical blinds include vertical, pleated, venetian and roller blind options (possibly motorized with low-consumption rechargeable batteries). As for the decorative furnishing curtains, the range includes draped, soft shade and panel options, along with solutions for skylights, dividing spaces and motorized control. 

MOTTURA courtesy Mottura

The fabrics used for technical blinds are PVC free, using materials such as Trevira CS polyester, fabrics obtained from the recycling of PET bottles or cellular fabrics – such options also help improve the comfort of a room. For the furnishing curtains, for example, the solutions use Coex linen, a natural product made from polymers derived from plant fibers that are 100% flame retardant. 

The company, which pays great attention to sustainability both in the choice of fabrics and in its own production chain, is a technology partner in achieving the LEED architectural standard. The brand has also achieved numerous certifications, including the recent addition of ISO 14001. In addition to these aspects, Mottura never loses sight of the need to ensure maximum safety in every situation, whether it be protection from excessive sun or wind, or the safety of the people using the systems, with the Child Safety range offering solutions that focus particular on ensuring safety for little ones. 

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