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Beam Sofa System


Beam Sofa System by Cassina
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Design by Patricia Urquiola

The Beam Sofa System is made up of soft cushions supported by a beam, a sharp line, that ‘raises’ the flexible and lightweight back and armrest cushions which meet in an skilful embrace. The Beam Sofa System has those hidden qualities that often characterise the company’s models and that pay tribute to Vico Magistretti’s work. The project comprises a beam base and a series of enveloping cushions and seating. The result is a non-conformist sectional sofa.
The formal rigour of the Beam Sofa System’s base contrasts with its inviting cushions. The sofa’s armrest can be regulated in two positions at 30° and the chain mechanism of the folded side/back cushion means that it can be positioned as desired to make the piece even more comfortable. The side view of the sofa particularly gives value to the detail of the armrest which contains the backrest in an embrace. The aesthetic value of the sofa’s sinuous and soft form is maintained thanks to the detail of a contemporary stitching ‘pinched’ around its perimeter. A new fabric collection, Gea, designed by Giulio Ridolfo, has been introduced especially for this sofa: the striped material, for example, emphasises the length of the sofa which is drawn into the armrest.

2 seater sofa - 220x96xh.79/38cm
2 seater sofa large - 250x96xh.79/38cm
3 seater sofa - 290x96xh.79/38cm
2 seater large terminal element (right/left) - 185x96xh.79/38cm
2 seater large terminal element (right/left) - 215x96xh.79/38cm
3 seater large terminal element (right/left) - 255x96xh.79/38cm
2 seater central element - 150x96xh.79/38cm
corner element (right/left) - 160x92xh.79/38cm
chaise-longue element (right/left) - 160x123xh.79/38cm
pouf terminal element/ pouf central element - 110x82xh.38cm
end table - 50x80xh.38cm
central table - 50x80xh.38cm
end table - 110x80xh.34cm

structure tubular iron chassis with belting, cog mechanism with 30° movement for the armrest, double chain mechanism for the side/back cushion
padding flexible expanded polyurethane foam
upholstery leather or fabric
base mechanically assembled, brushed black anodized aluminum
table finishes Canaletto walnut, oak tinted black, natural oak, stone/cement.

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