Bathroom automation with essential shapes
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Bathroom automation with essential shapes

Bathroom automation with essential shapes
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Jung has participated in the project

Since 1912, Jung has invested in finding new technological solutions and innovative installations for homes, seeking expedient options and innovative aesthetic products for each home environment.

Bathroom is the most private room in a house, but also a key space for relaxation, an area where one has time specifically for oneself. The consequent desire to maximize comfort has driven Jung to find solutions that embed aesthetics and practicality in refined details and specifically developed technologies. By combining smart control with the classic, timeless lines of LS 990, LS 1912 and LS ZERO, Jung hits its target square on, able to provide automation solutions that memorize the individual preferences of each user. The home automation system gives a user smart power over lighting, air conditioning, security and multimedia functions, making the bathroom an even more comfortable and private space and, ultimately, improving quality of life. Altering the temperature, or the level of light might be just the touch needed to turn the bathroom into an ideal relaxation space, the perfect well-being environment. In truth, Jung solutions are not only functional in a home, but also perform excellently in the service sector. The essential, visual elegance of the switches, for example in high-quality metal variants and with a range of finishes - matt or lacquered aluminum, stainless steel, chrome-plated metal or brushed brass -, ensures these systems integrate seamlessly into practically any environment.

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