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By Editorial Staff -

Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza was recently reopened to the public following five years of restoration work. The event was marked by the Raffaello verso Picasso - Storie di sguardi, volti e figure exhibition, which brought together works from a number of museums across multiple continents and from private European and American collections. Edoardo Gherardi was responsible for setting it up and he took an “architecture in architecture” approach, where the exhibition was a separate entity to the building in which it was housed. Zumtobel was part of the lighting analysis conducted. It was essential to combine the requirements linked to the aesthetics and management of the system with the need to highlight and preserve the artworks.
The brief for the lighting installation was that it be flexible, reusable, remotely controlled and aesthetically non-invasive. The Colour Rendering Index was set at > 90. No maintenance during the exhibition and cost minimisation were set as additional targets. Consequently, advanced LED lighting was adopted because of its low energy consumption and the ability to use a single luminaire to provide very uniform lighting for the paintings. More specifically, the final solution used, as needed, a selection of DALI dimmable Iyon LED luminaires with interchangeable reflectors, Arcos 3 LED spotlights with Tunable White technology and Microtools lighting modules with 2 gimbal-mounted interchangeable LED lamp units. The entire installation can also be wirelessly controlled using the Luxmate Litenet system.


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