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Balti 220 by IVela

Balti 220 by IVela
By Editorial Staff -
The body, conceived to optimize the performance of the LED used, shows an innovative design relying on a simple geometry and sinuous lines. Manufactured in white or silver die-cast aluminium, it covers the gear box ensuring glare control and shows a double fold as a design feature to highlight the LED spot. This fitting, miniaturized to the extent the LED-technology used permits, reduces to a minimum the protrusion from the wall and hence the visual impact on the onlooker. Balti 220 is ideal for applications in domestic and residential areas such as passageways, corridors and terraces. The fitting has been designed to ensure a wide lighting coverage of the wall, the roof and the floor with exemplary glare control, keeping up with the needs of premium-projects in the field of upscale architecture. Balti 220 is part of a range of wall luminaires available in three different dimensions, that offer a wide spectrum of lighting options, direct or indirect/direct, to choose among on a case-by-case basis depending on the project specifications.

2X2500 lumen 2X26 Watt 3000K (bi-directional)
3000 + 100 lumen 33 + 1,5 Watt 3000K (bidirezionale with blade of light)
2000 + 1200 lumen 18 + 12 Watt 3000k (bidirezionale on demand)
4000 lumen 37 Watt 3000K (mono-directional)
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