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Balance by Axo Light

Balance by Axo Light
By Editorial Staff -
The harmony of the shapes and the zen-like balancing games add to the allure of the design in terms of the technological and eco-sustainable choices.
In fact Balance is made by bamboo and steel; bamboo is a highly sustainable component while steel is a highly recyclable metal. The chosen light source is LED, which ensures a high degree of brightness and high efficiency for excellent energy saving. In addition, the unique pantograph closing mechanism of the LED bars makes them easy to fold up at packaging sites to save space and increase resource optimisation.
The name Balance was chosen because of its double meaning "balance and equilibrium". It refers to the Libra constellation which in ancient Rome represented the equilibrium of nature and the divine; the counterweight between the kindly forces of the day and the light and the evil forces of the darkness of night. The stars in this constellation are very small when compared with others - a bit like the LEDs; very small light sources that, nevertheless, are able to emit an extremely bright light. The Balance floor lamp takes 5 dimmable white LED bars enclosed one by one in an elegant aluminium section. The bars interweave in a seemingly chaotic manner, giving off an intense, delicate light that is soft and diffuse.
The lamp is also available in a simple suspension version with a diffuser that drops down from a canopy or, in the balance version with two equal 50cm arms at the tops of which two suspended LED diffusers hang down together 5 interwoven bars.

Colours and finishings: Natural in bamboo and brushed steel
Dimensions: Floor lamp: h of central stem 180 cm, length of balancing pole 230 cm. Base 40cm x 40cm. Dimensions of diffuser: 60cm x 60cm.
Suspension: balancing pole 100 cm (two 50 cm arms). Dimensions of diffuser 60cm each.
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