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Azerocare by Antolini | THE PLAN
By Editorial Staff -

Azerocare represents a real revolution in the natural stone industry. Patented by Antolini, world leader and vanguard of the natural stone sector in terms of research and innovation, Azerocare is the first protective treatment specific for marble and onyx. This currently unique treatment guarantees maximum protection against staining and etching caused by contact with acidic food or other acidic substances. Applied onto the surface of the polished slabs directly at Antolini headquarters’ factory, Azerocare is a guarantee against potential damage resulting from the use of products such as wine, coffee, oil, vinegar, tomato sauce and fruit juices as well as toothpaste, detergents, creams, lipsticks or eau de toilette. The treatment also grants a water-repellent and oil-repellent protection against staining and etching caused by oil, fat and greasy elements. Therefore, Azerocare is the ideal solution for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. This innovative treatment offered by Antolini does not alter either the colours or the specific properties of natural stone, nor its tactile qualities. At the same time, it produces a bacteriostatic effect on the surface of the slab, thereby making it more hygienic. Treated with Azerocare, marble and onyx also offer a high level of resistance to UV rays and can therefore easily be exposed to lighting to enhance their striking communicative power. Provided that a care and maintenance program is followed, Antolini’s treatment is permanent. Surfaces treated with Azerocare remain easy to clean – simply using water, a pH neutral detergent and a non-abrasive wet cloth. Azerocare is an Antolini exclusive worldwide and does not have one single composition formula but rather a specific one for each type of natural stone, so that every material can be protected in the most appropriate and suitable way. Constantly looking to increase the quality standards of its natural stones while paying the utmost attention to the environmental impact of the solutions and production processes implemented, the company has studied this treatment in depth so that every step of the process is completely eco-friendly: as a result, the application process of Azerocare creates no emissions into the atmosphere nor does it generate processing waste. Well-known for the ability and capacity to conceive and patent unprecedented processes that generate unique and exclusive solutions, once again Antolini re-establishes itself as a pioneer at the forefront of combining the innate beauty of nature with the security and safety of a treatment, thus making beautiful surfaces even more usable.

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