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Axor Urquiola
By Editorial Staff -
Hansgrohe has participated in the project

A new approach to the bathroom and how it relates to the sleeping quarters underlies Axor Urquiola, the Axor line designed by Patricia Urquiola. No more segregation, but fusion and interaction between two areas that cherish the body. Sleep, relaxation, pleasure, well-being: the rooms here mix intimacy and encounter, sharing and privacy.
A design solution has to feel right, as personal as possible. This explains the wealth of coordinated fittings - over 80 of them - making up a complete and varied collection.
Among them is an unusual furnishing idea: a technical partition that may turn heating panel or reflecting surface. The bathroom becomes a shared space to meet in, though also a private place to withdraw into and live at one’s ease - which need not mean solitude. The wash-stand idea of two opposite, not flanking, basins stems from the basic philosophy of having two secluded yet not entirely separate areas. If two can use the room, communications may go better. The idea of twin bathtubs gains time for being together in the security of having one’s own elbow room. To further enliven what is a fun bathroom, there is built-in scope for plants and flowers, used as an ornament, a visual filter. And also because water and well-being go so well with nature and the plant world.

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