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Axor Bouroullec by Hansgrohe

Axor Bouroullec by Hansgrohe
By Editorial Staff -
– allowing this space to be tailored to suit the personal needs and wishes of the user perfectly.” This is how Philippe Grohe, head of Axor (, sums up the principle behind the new Axor Bouroullec bathroom collection.
The collection was developed by Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe AG, in collaboration with French team Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec who are driven by the search of the right balance between the form and the function of the object and its interaction with the user and the environment. With Axor Bouroullec, Axor and the designers give the subject of personalisation in the bathroom a whole new definition, as mixers can be combined with shelves in a playful manner. “No longer do mixers only have to be placed in the center of the rear rim of the washbasin," explains Philippe Grohe. Instead fittings can be freely arranged within the washing area: on the integrated shelves that form a central design element throughout the entire collection, in front of or next to the wash basin, or on the wall. As a result, the bathroom collection offers a wealth of individual options to create designs and solutions that embody the personal ideal in terms of functionality, aesthetics and personal balance.
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have been collaborating with Axor for a number of years. They took “their first steps into the bathroom” in 2005 with their participation in the Axor WaterDream project. “Starting from there, as a natural continuity of our design collaboration, we achieved with Axor Bouroullec a milestone in individual bathroom design”, explains Philippe Grohe.

The concept of the collection: the freedom to compose
The main feature of Axor Bouroullec is to invite the user to find his or her perfect solution for their own personalised bathroom.
In the washbasin area, the integrated shelves are the basis to organise the space for personal individual items and to arrange the different mixers in an infinite number of ways. Indeed, the spout as well as the handles can be freely placed where one needs them: for example to create a solution that is easy for children to reach, that is suitable for left-handed users or just to accommodate one’s personal taste. The washbasins, available both as a built-in basin with one or two offset shelves or as a wall-mounted model have multiple options for arranging the individual mixer elements, ranging from single-lever washbasin mixers through to two and three-hole mixers suitable for mounting on the wash table or on the wall. “At the end everybody has the freedom to decide what solution would best suit them”, explain Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

The key to the collection: composing with the selve
Shelves play a leading role in this collection and form a consistent element in terms of design and functionality, serviceability and convenience. They can be placed intelligently in various areas of the bathroom: as the element of the washbasin that is the basis for individual positioning of the mixer.or as a useful accessory providing additional storage space.
Designed for comfort and convenience as well as multi-functionality the Axor Bouroullec exposed mixer is a new type of fitting. With its offset shelves these water-dispensing elements for the washbasin, the shower or the bathtub also serve as practical pieces of furniture.
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have paid great attention to both the sensual and practical aspects of the products all the way through the collection including the shower space. Therefore Axor Bouroullec offers the right solution to suit personal preferences in the shower space as well. Here again, the integrated shelves of the exposed shower mixer create an organised shower space while at the same time they ensure a continuous bathroom environment.
Also, the Axor Bouroullec bathtub fits in well in the individually designed bathroom, both aesthetically and functionally. Axor Bouroullec gives users the freedom to make their own decisions and use the shelves as they wish: to have a radio at their fingertips, to easily drop a wet element like a sponge or to set the bathtub mixer according to the user’s wishes and specific needs.
Whether the shelves are built-in elements of the washbasin, the bathtub or stand-alone items or even the mixer itself, they are not set to a predetermined single function.

The design of the collection: smooth, elegant and timeless
The idea behind the Axor Bouroullec collection was to design elegant elements that will fit perfectly in a variety of bathroom environments. The smooth, simple and organic shapes, without corners and edges, follow the flow of the water and are inviting to touch. “It was important to us,” say Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, “that we come up with products that radiate calm and thus create a warm balance within the space. We designed this collection with the intention to allow the user to feel comfortable while moving around in the bathroom.” In this sense, Axor Bouroullec puts ergonomics and convenience as one of the most important concerns behind the collection.
When something feels good and appealing to the eye and to the touch, it is based on optimum functionality and the highest level of quality that ensures longevity. At the same time, sustainability plays an important role to the designers. “As a result, Axor Bouroullec sets new standards also in regards to an ecological use of resources due to their minimal usage of metal for the mixers and to the reduced water flow of the washbasin mixers of around five litres per minute instead of over seven litres as it was before”, explains Philippe Grohe.
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