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AWS PASK sliding door

AWS PASK sliding door
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Schüco has participated in the project

The Schüco AWS tilt & slide (PASK) aluminum, easy access parallel sliding door is the ideal solution to merge the beauty of glazing with the functional comfort of a sliding door, without giving up on the excellent thermal insulation of a top class window. 

Each detail of these doors is designed to make a room more comfortable and user friendly. For example, the underfloor roller carriage creates a threshold that is practically flush with the floor. Such a detail not only adds to the visual and spatial aesthetics, but also provides easy access. 

With Schüco AWS tilt & slide (PASK) it is possible to design large glazed areas, which are key features in enhancing architecture and developing a dynamic connection with the surrounding landscape. The Schüco SimplySmart approach was adopted to ensure simplicity of installation, and ease of maintenance and cleaning for the invisible parts. The practical benefits of this are evident. These practical and design features are coupled with excellent performance. The Schüco tilt & slide (PASK) doors performing excellently for wind and water tightness, and provide the thermal insulation levels required for passive house certification (with Schüco AWS 90 SI+), making them suited to any environment and climate.


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