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Avant by Novabell

Avant by Novabell
By Editorial Staff -
the In version is suitable for covering any horizontal or vertical surface, in either private or public spaces and bathrooms. The absolute novelty in this collection is the three-dimensional Brick: the perfect solution for conferring unique look to angles of vertical extension.
The Avant collection is certified by the Bureau Veritas Institute as compliant to the LEED® evaluation system for the development of eco-friendly buildings, promoted by the United States Green Building council.

Application: flooring and wall cladding
Material: coloured-paste porcelain stoneware
Colours: 4 versions of Silver, Basalt , Desert and Bone
Formats: 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 15x60 cm, 30x30 cm, 15x30 cm, 15x15 cm. The 60x60 format is also produced in the structured non-slip 11mm-thick OUT version, and in the 20mm heavy-duty paving version, which can be installed dry on gravel, grass, or raised on feet in the Silver and Desert variants
Decorations: 5x5 cm Mosaic, Brick, Steps, L-shaped OUT element (for steps), L-shaped IN element (vertical surfaces)

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