Authenticity as the Key to a Material
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Authenticity as the Key to a Material

Authenticity as the Key to a Material
By Editorial Staff -
Fundermax has participated in the project

The beauty of pristine nature, shaped solely by time and space, is waiting to be rediscovered. Mimicking the metamorphic, constantly developing essence of nature is at the origins of Exterior Pro 2.2 Authentic, a material that combines natural fiber sheets with synthetic resins. For Fundermax, a
long-established Austrian company, closeness to nature in action and thought is a driving force for this collection, merged with the desire to build living spaces – starting with the home – that are as in tune with the environment as possible. In the materials, the colors and even the sensations. The Max Compact Exterior panels, as one of the products made with Exterior Pro 2.2 Authentic is known, are predominantly made from pulp produced in a kraft process using by-products from veneer processing and sawmills. This means both the structure and manufacturing process add to this product a natural, authentic look. Then, over time, the panels become even more unique as the elements, especially exposure to the sun, alter the appearance without compromising their strength or longevity. These panels are extremely resistant to adverse weather, scratches, solvents and knocks, as well as being easy to clean and install.

 © Bruno Gouhoury, courtesy Fundermax

The color palette recalls the closeness to nature, in three shades of brown: Authentic Mocca is a full-flavored composition reminiscent of coffee beans; Authentic Pecan, designed for truly elegant interiors, echoes the namesake variety of nuts; Authentic Caramel is inspired by caramel desserts, for a look that is golden yellow to honey brown. An equal number of finishes is available: NT produces a silky matt effect; NY Sky has an irregular surface that is a joy to touch; NH Hexa has embossing designed to prevent slipping on a balcony, terrace or steps.

The same environmentally friendly philosophy extends to disposal, with the energy produced in this process able to be used in, say, district heating plants. Exterior Pro 2.2 Authentic provides a new option for leaving traces of oneself, but sustainably.

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