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By Redazione The Plan -
Villeroy & Boch has participated in the project

Modern interior design would be inconceivable if not for tiles in a concrete look: what is needed are wall and floor concepts that permit the design of contemporary spaces with a homogeneous design inspired by typical concrete structures - such as the new ATLANTA range by Villeroy & Boch Tiles, in a minimalist look of concrete with authentic traces of wear. Made of vilbostone porcelain stoneware, the floor tiles of the ATLANTA range open up a great deal of creative scope with their variety of formats: 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x120 cm and 30x120 cm, plus 40x80 cm and 80x80 cm, all with rectified edges and R10 slip-resistance. Unglazed tiles are available in six colors that complement modern furnishing trends: Along with the three rather cool colors: foggy grey, concrete grey and night grey, there are also three warm colors: alabaster white, sandy grey and dark coffee, permitting a variety of atmospheres with the ATLANTA range. For decoration, a 30x60 cm strip decoration has been developed in two variants, each combining a warm and cool color spectrum. These can be used to create accents or for borders on the floor or wall. In addition, there are 7.5x7.5-cm mosaics in all colors bonded to 30x30 cm mesh that offer further decoration options and are also ideal for use in designing floor-flush showers. Strip skirting in the formats of 7.5x60 cm and 8x45 cm in all floor colors add the finishing touch to the floor concept. For warmer or cooler color schemes, as decoration for floor and walls alike, vilbostone porcelain stoneware tiles are available in 60x60 cm in two multicolor variants with geometric décor as well as cut borders. All ATLANTA floor tiles, whether used indoors or outdoors, are light- and colorfast. And thanks to the factory-applied surface seal, vilbostoneplus is easy to clean. The stoneware wall tiles are available in the two bright colors of light fog and light alabaster, in keeping with the cool and warm colors of the floor. They provide a subdued interpretation of the floor tiles’ richly detailed ‘used’ look on a smooth surface. Two formats are available, 33x100 cm and 30x60 cm. The new ATLANTA wall and floor concept is suitable for use in spaces with a modern design that answer to high standards of individuality, material quality and design without sacrificing a minimum measure of naturalness. The tiles open up applications throughout the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen and hallway to living, sleeping and work spaces. ATLANTA is also an attractive solution for covering floors and walls in the high-end commercial sector.

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