ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI sliding doors
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ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI sliding doors

Essential AND contemporary

ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI sliding doors
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Schueco has participated in the project

Schüco’s ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI (High Insulation) aluminum sliding doors embody a crisp design and construction flexibility, creating an exciting new option for contemporary lifestyle requirements and building projects.

Both models have extremely thin profiles, with visible face widths of only 82 mm and a reduced DesignLine interlock section of only
40 mm, allowing natural light to flood the interior and make the doors practically vanish. The doors can be up to 3.5x3.5 m wide, with essential lines that amplify the sense of transparency and reduce the barrier between indoors and outdoors.

The DesignLine sill is flush with the floor, removing another threshold border between the interior and exterior, and creating a safer entrance, for more inclusive architecture. The integrated Schüco SmartStop and SmartClose technologies ensure the doors close very gently.

Available in both sliding and lift-and-slide options, the ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI models are easy and safe to open and close, even when the units are especially heavy (up to 600 kg for the TipTronic SimplySmart motorized version).

The heart of both models is a modular approach using a limited number of profile sections that can be combined to produce multiple solutions in various different configurations that facilitate and speed up fitting times.

ASE 60 and ASE 80.HI are also high performance sliding doors, with excellent thermal and sound insulation values, very good resistance to air, water and wind, with the ASE 80.HI model (80 mm base) even achieving the Passive House standard. These doors also have specific burglar-protection systems that make them very secure, with the option to program the opening and closing using the Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart automation system, which can be integrated into a general home automation solution.

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